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We get annoyed by aggressive advertising as much as all other Internet users. Ads that jiggle, move, flash, and otherwise scream (sometimes literally) for attention, detract from my experience on the Internet. From that perspective, we fully understand why adblocking software has been developed and is used willingly by many Internet users.
However, as webmasters and website owners we rely on advertising to pay for the time and effort it takes to develop and maintain VGATrader.com. Adblocking software that prevents ads from being viewed eliminates the opportunity to be compensated for our work.
While we understand that you may have installed adblocking software as relief from those horrible advertising methods, we ask that you choose to not block ads on this website. In return, we promise to not display distracting and annoying advertisements on VGATrader.com. You can do this by using adblocking software that is configurable, preferably software that does not “over-block” with a set of over-aggressive default blocking rules. Mozilla’s Adblock browser extension is one that is fully user controlled and doesn’t block ads without user action and knowledge.

Alternatively, if you still prefer to block the ads on VGATrader.com, consider donating a voluntary amount of funds through the PayPal service (below). Your gift will help us to grow the service and pay the monthly web hosting fees so that we can continue to serve the Internet community without charging any kind of listing fees.


The credit for the text above goes to www.adblock.org.


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