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Trading Guide

Trading Guide

As a user of our site, please follow this guide in order to make your VGATrader.com experience enjoyable and safe (revised on 8/9/2008).

Generic trading tips:

At first all users should review the trading tips listed on www.trollhunters.com.
Additional peer-to-peer hints are compiled on www.pcabusers.com/advice.html
Make sure that your buyer or seller is not listed on the infamous list of bad traders. Review that list on www.anandtech.com before engaging into a trade. Also, double-check the feedback of the seller or buyer before engaging in a transaction with them. Check the feedback of your buyer or seller on VGATrader.com (listed in the user profile). Aything less than a perfect feedback record indicates a high-risk trader. Ask for optional Heatware and EBay feedback as well. The more positive evaluations on the other user’s end, the less chance there is for the deal to go sour. Finally, when creating your account on VGATrader.com, make sure to put your optional Heatware Feedback ID and EBay ID (if you have them). These fields will be visible in your profile and will greatly enhance your status as a well-established Internet buyer or seller.

VGATrader.com specific rules for sellers:

  • Our users can not sell products that are not in their direct possession. For example, when seller is waiting for a RMA warranty return and tries to sell the card not yet back from service. Traders are requested to ship the item to the buyer immediately upon verifying and clearing the payment for it (revised on 8/9/2008).
  • When selling your VGA card, put it in the correct sub-category with our selling wizard. If you are not sure where to put your card, ask around on our forums. A proper placement will lead to a quicker sale and helps other users find what they are looking for.
  • The tile field is important. Use it to give buyers additional info about the brand of your item, chipset type, the amount of memory on board, and a specific part number for the card.
  • Put as much data as you can in the description field. Include the links to third party reviewers. Also be accurate about the condition of your GPU. If a buyer receives a video card in a different or lesser condition than specified in your ad, you could receive a neutral or negative evaluation for that transaction.
  • Uploading photos through the selling wizard is free, easy, and encouraged.
  • WARNING. VGATrader.com is NOT A JUNKYARD. Do not sell damaged or not working video cards through our site. All items listed through our service are assumed to be functional, therefore all sellers are assumed to offer at least a DOA (Dead On Arrival) warranty. Violation of that policy will lead to a prompt removal of the offending seller’s account.
  • The excessive shipping charges are not acceptable.
  • Sellers are expected to ship the item that is well packaged and protected from elements.
  • Sellers are obligated to send a package tracking number or a confirmation number to the buyer as soon as it becomes available. The tracking information protects the seller, buyer, and the reputation of VGATrader.com. Violations of this rule will cause a prompt removal of the offending seller’s account. The local pickup or face-to-face trades are the only exceptions to that rule.
  • Frequent communication with the buyer via email or VGATrader.com messaging system is encouraged. Communication is a key to a successful trade.
  • As a common courtesy, always leave the feedback to the buyer after completing the transaction.

VGATrader.com specific rules for buyers:

  • Double-check the description of the video card, its price, and its system requirements before buying it in order to make sure that your computer is actually able to accommodate the card. If you are not sure about the selection, ask around on our forums.
  • Frequent communication with the seller via email or VGATrader.com messaging system is encouraged. Communication is a key to a successful trade.
  • Find out how to quickly pay the seller so that the transaction can occur in a timely manner. In addition, buyers must have the proper funds secured and ready for a quick payment to the seller. Wating until the next week or a month for the money to become available is NOT acceptable (revised on 8/9/2008).
  • If possible use an online payment system such us PayPal or Google Checkout if sellers can accept those methods of payment. These services offer a transaction id number that can be quickly forwarded to the seller for a receipt/proof of payment.
  • Always leave the feedback to the seller after completing the transaction.
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