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Second VGATrader.com video card drawing - the result is in...
VGATrader.com member John240sx won the $150.00 video card today. The drawing was fair and square.
VGATrader staff will contact Mr. John240sx via email and ask him for his shipping address and if he has any preferences (Nvidia vs ATI/AMD)...

VGATrader.com video card drawing - the result is in...
VGATrader.com member demont won the $150.00 video card today. The drawing was fair and square.
VGATrader staff will contact Mr. demont via email and ask him for his shipping address and if he has any preferences (Nvidia vs ATI/AMD)...

Big thanks to all members who decided to go ahead and validate their ISP Emails.
Next drawing for $150.00 video card will be on 12/15/2008 so around Christmas....
You have to have your ISP Email validated in order to be enter the drawing as explained below...

There have been questions in regards to the ISP Email Validation procedure. More specifically, people are confused in regards to what email address does qualify as an ISP Email.

.mil, .edu, .gov, and ISP (like comcast.net or sbcglobal.net) domains WILL WORK just fine

gmail.com, yahoo.com, hotmail or email address hosted on your personal domain WILL NOT WORK

How to check if my ISP Email is already validated?

Status of your ISP Email Validation is accessible in your profile over at:
"Home" -> "Account" -> "User Info"
It can be a red X (not validated) or a green check mark V (validated)

I have submitted a  valid ISP email address for validation, but I have not gotten anything just yet, what is going on?

Please double check your spam folder. There have been many cases in which VGATrader's ISP email validation email got caught in the spam filter for some reason.

Do I have to validate my ISP Email Address? I do not feel comfortable doing so?

You do not have to validate your ISP Email in order to use our service. It is an optional feature. However, we recommend that all members go through with the validation as it increases trading safety for all of us.  

Good guys over at www.techwarelabs.com have decided to let us drop an info note about us on their forums. Make sure to check out their extensive database of PC hardware reviews here

Big thanks to our friends over at www.hardwaregeeks.com for a mentioning VGATrader.com on their forums. Nice!

Promotion - Register account with us and win a FREE $150.00 video card!
Sign up for an account with VGATrader.com and get a chance of winning a great prize for this Holiday season.
Here are the rules:
  • You must register an account with VGATrader.com
  • You must validate your ISP Email address with us
  • Those members who feature a Heatware ID in their VGATrader.com profiles will get 2 entries
  • First drawing for the card will be performed on 11/15/2008
Prize is a new PCI-E video card valued at $150.00

We are very exited about great new features that we have added to VGATrader.com. These new additions will make the video cards trading more secure and easier. Help link contains updated documentation. Summary of changes is located over here (pdf document).

New functions include:
  • Security feature in the “Account” panel – "ISP Email Validation". Validate your Internet Service Provider (ISP) email (like comcast.net, sbcglobal.net, etc, etc) with us and give us and other VGATrader.com users enough information about your identity WITHOUT compromising your privacy.
  • Research this chipset”  button is now present at the top left part of the listing. Pressing it opens up a new web page about the card on www.gpureview.com video card database service (big thanks to the entire staff of www.gpureview.com for making their site accessible to our users).
  • "Show/Hide Filters" feature above (in the search bar) is a new security enhancement. Buyers can restrict search results to video cards offered by only those sellers who feature Heatware ID, Ebay ID, or have validated ISP Email address in their profiles. Those who want to deal only with well established Internet traders will appreciate and use this new functionality.
  • New mandatory registration field - "Country". This information is important to us as it is used to turn on/off (control) the international shipping options by our sellers.
  • Sellers can now have a greater control over who can buy their listed card. The “Options” part of the listing “Sell Wizard” makes it possible to restrict buyers without well established trading credentials like Heatware ID, EBay ID, and ISP Email validation from buying the card. In addition, it is now possible to disable or enable international transactions. It should be also noted that sellers have an additional option to enable or disable the “Best Offer” option. Enabling “Best Offer” indicates seller’s flexibility about the price of the listed video card. Buyers will be able to send an offer to the seller that is lower than the asking price among with a short message that justifies the proposal.
A summary document that outlines the changes above is located over here (pdf document).

Huge News!
Big thanks to our friends over at www.bjorn3d.com/ for a mentioning VGATrader.com on their forums. This is a well designed site featuring very informative PC Hardware related content. These guys have been around for a loooong time and they have seen it all - so their post about us is a real honor!

Big thanks to our friends at www.geeks3d.com for a mention few weeks ago.
Also, VGATrader.com welcomes members from around the world, but at this initial stage it is meant to be used by traders located in the United States and Canada. Our prices are listed in US Dollars ($). In addition, many of our US sellers will not be willing to ship overseas as it is very expensive. Typical US International shipping charge when using USPS shipping option starts at around $30.00+.

Our Security Procedures will be greatly enhanced soon, because of the behind-a-scenes involvement of some of the Internet trollhunters. Trollhunters are a group of volunteers dedicated to tracking down Internet con artists. Crime does not pay at www.VGATrader.com!

Video Card Info Site: GPUReview.com posted a news article about us. Also, our listings will soon feature a "Research This Chipset" button that links to a very comprehensive database of video cards information featured there. This is a very good reference service to add to your bookmarks/favorites. Buying a video card can be tricky. Research your choices using GPUReview.com

Also, we would like to apologize in advance for any potential glitches with the service. If you see something that should be addressed, let us know!

Big thanks to our friends at www.overclockers.com for posting a note about our site. They have been an excellent resource for PC Hardware Enthusiast community for many years. Their Heatsink Reviews provide for a very solid PC Cooling reference.

VGATrader.com is up finally after 6 months of coding. This is the first iteration of the service that will be continuously improved. Welcome to the site and please - enjoy video card deals hunting!
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