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About Us
Welcome to VGATrader.com

Who We Are?

VGATrader.com is a peer-to-peer video card trading web site. Registered users can use our service as a meeting place and exchange PC video cards with each other. Here is how the process works:
  • Sellers place the video card classifieds in a predefined category that corresponds to type of the graphics hardware they want to sell.
  • Buyers browse for available VGA cards and buy them directly from sellers.
  • Sellers and buyers negotiate payment and shipping directly with each other using our web service as a meeting place.
  • Finally, at the end of the transaction both sellers and buyers can exchange feedback and end the transaction.
VGATrader.com is a free service. We do not charge any kind of listing fees. Instead we rely on non intrusive Google’s text ads service – adsense (as such please, consider disabling your adblocking scripts) and PayPal donations for the revenue (we hope to earn it by demonstrating to be very useful).

Why just video cards?

Currently, the VGA cards are the most important component of the modern PC class computer. As a trend, the graphics/image processing takes a dominant role with the way computer users interact with computers. Few years ago, the graphics accelerators(aka GPU - Graphic Processing Unit) were used primarily to render complex and better looking computer games. On the other hand, current generation of the GPUs helps computers to process the High Definition video content, and the Vista Operating System from Microsoft uses the power of the GPU to render its Aero User Interface. Even common web applications jump on the graphics bandwagon. Highly popular Google Earth software relies on the power of the GPU and OpenGL API to render the maps. The new version of Google Earth will put even more demand on the computer, to the point where it may be difficult to use it without having the dedicated VGA card installed.
On the other hand, video cards are easy to install, reinstall, or upgrade. Such operation is much easier in fact than replacing or upgrading any other computer component such us the processor (CPU) or a motherboard. Typical hardware installation for the GPU should not take more than an hour for an inexperienced computer user. Yet such an installation/upgrade can yield a tremendous boost in performance of the PC and make it “last” longer.

How does it differ from other services?

The goal of the VGATrader.com is to offer an easier, safer, and more comfortable alternative to the existing services. The present status quo is really limited to EBay, Craigslist, and multiple other message boards that are associated with computer topic related web sites such us anandtech.com, tomshardware.com, or hardocp.com.
The aim of the VGATrader.com is to be a trading place for all computer users that blends all of the above services into a single, innovative package. Our goal is to offer a free, easy to use, effective, and safe way to swap video cards and thus provide for a better, more rich computing experience to computer users.

Find it faster, find it cheaper; find it on VGATrader.com

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